Smart Environments

The era of interconnected objects has arrived. It is named Internet of Things (IoT) and it is the extension of the Internet to the physical world, i.e. to the concrete objects. These objects, by connecting to the Internet, create a network in which they transmit and receive data. All physical objects can therefore take on an active role, of great importance in the daily life of human users. They become Smart Objects, i.e. objects that communicate with each other and with the outside world, signaling their status and detecting that of other objects, activating and deactivating themselves as needed. Potentially, each object can assume an “active” electronic identity. All it needs is a microprocessor (or an RFID or QR code), a communication channel and sensors to send data over the network or to mobile devices.
The IoT has a great potential: a lot of application scenarios, introduction of new services, energy saving both at the private and company level, review of company systems. All this leads to opportunities for progress and economic growth.

We are able to take advantage of emerging technologies for the creation of intelligent environments that can prevent users’ wishes and automatically adapt to their needs by exploiting our experience in the IoT area.

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